Bravo 22 Airsoft

Site Rules

We need to have some rules so everybody can have a good time and play safely. We also have to comply with our insurance Policy

There is a safety briefing at 10.oo  which you must attend otherwise you will miss the first game


Spring or bold action sniper rifles - 500fps

ALL OTHER GUNS [including DMRs]- 350fps

All guns [including pistols ] will be crono’d to ensure compliance

Also, until further notice we are putting a ban on HPA set-ups


All players 17 or under have to wear a one piece face mask

0ver 17s can wear their own eye protection as long as they are able to withstand close range impact from a 6-8mm Airsoft ball fired at 500 fps

Marshals will test Goggles/glasses either on request or if they have any concerns about the safety of the eye protection

[We will lend full face masks at no charge if you need one 


Bravo has no formal dress code however ,to meet our insurance requirements everybody has to wear Long trousers [no shorts or skirts] while actually playing a game and long sleeve tops. You must have either boots or good trainers as it is a woodland environment and we recommend  a pair of gloves

The Main Rules are [they will be explained in detail in the safety brief]

Eye protection must be worn at all times [except in the safe zone]

Take your hits

All shots count

When hit shout ‘hit’ and raise your arm. Be aware more BBs may follow

No blind firing

No Climbing

No shooting wildlife/dog walkers or other civilians. If you see anybody walking on to the site shout cease fire and a Marshal will deal with them

When hearing cease fire stop where you are until you hear game on

Marshals are to be obeyed at all times. Their decision is final.

Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Marshals will deal with any disputes.

If you have a problem, shout for a marshal. We won’t know if there’s a problem if you don’t tell us.

Before entering the safe zone remove the magazine and clear your gun

No dry firing in the safe zone

No smoking except in the safe zone

Failure to comply with the rules, depending on the rule being broken, will result in warnings, being removed from a game or removed from the site.

Players that are removed from the site will receive no refunds and will incur a ban ranging from 1 month to life


        Bravo reserves the right to permanantly  ban players who put themselves or other players and staff at risk