Bravo 22 Airsoft

loyalty Cards Terms and Conditions

Will give you your loyalty card at the next game you pay to play. At that time you will get your first stamp




Collecting points

1 .To collect your points, you must present your card when you sign in. If you do not have your card with you, you will not be able to claim your points retrospectively even on the day.


2. Collect 8 stamps and you will receive a £10 discount, collect 12 stamps and you will receive a £15 Discount. These discounts can only   be used on Bravo22 purchase and cannot be redeemed for cash.


Using your points

Once you have the necessary points, hand in the card and claim your discount at the time of purchase. The discount can be used against anything purchased from Bravo22 including the entrance/walk on fee, gun hire, UKARA,  ammo, etc.


Once a card is exchanged you will be issued with a new one by staff


Important points to note

If you lose your card you can get a replacement by asking the staff when you’re next on site.. Unfortunately we cannot credit you with any points from the missing card. 



1.    Only cards/points stamped by Bravo22 are valid

2.    Cards are ‘stand alone’ and  cannot be amalgamated to get discounts

3.    The Bravo Loyalty Card must presented at the time of signing into the bravo site

4.    Your card will only be stamped at this time and cannot be stamped retrospectively,

5.    Points will only be awarded for admission fees and only one stamp per game

6.    Bravo cannot be held responsible for lost or unauthorised use of your card

7.    The loyalty card is not proof of attendance when applying for UKARA. Attendance is verified by the register maintained by Bravo 22

8.    The Loyalty Card does not constitute a valid defence under the VCR Bill 2006. Bravo will only validate players via UKARA.

9.    Bravo22 undertakes never to share your personal data with third parties unless required to do so by law

10.  Bravo reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice

11.  When changing the terms and conditions Bravo will notify players via Facebook/website

12.  Bravo reserves the right to withdraw the scheme without notice