Bravo 22 Airsoft

You only need to book if you need  to hire a gun

If you have your own gun you just turn up

                                  how to book

You can only book by emailing

with the following information

The name of each player

The age of each player 

A contact phone number

Once a booking is accepted we will confirm it via email to you

You are not booked in until you recieve a confirmation email please do not assume there is a gun available until you hear from us

we aim to respond to your emails within 24 hours however as we both have full time jobs this is not always possible.

Last  booking is 5.30 on the saturday before the game

N.B Gun hire cannot be booked more than 1 week in advance

Because of the number of 'no shows ' with multiple bookings we are restricting block bookings to 6 players only

Booking terms and conditions

We at Bravo try to be fair to everybody and expect you to be fair with us.

Because from time to time people book guns but don’t turn up or let us know  we have  the following booking terms.

Booking terms & conditions

Please be aware failure to comply with the booking conditions  will result in Bravo not accepting further bookings from you.

We have a limited number of hire guns and they are allocated on a first come first served basis. Block bookings are limited to 6 players .Although they are often oversubscribed we don’t ask for deposits but if you book a gun we expect you to turn up to play.

We appreciate that sometimes things don’t go to plan and you might not be able to come.If this happens you must text us on 07434595986 [do not email] and let us know even if it is on the morning of the game. This will allow us to reallocate your gun if we need to.

If you have not arrived by 9.30 we cannot guarantee to keep your gun so if you are running late ring or text and we will keep your gun for you.

If you are under 18 you will need to bring a signed Parental Consent form which we send when you book. You only have to do this once as it remains on file. If you do not compete one for your first game you will not be allowed to play because of our insurance. We always have spare forms so if you forget it your parent / guardian can complete it on the day.

For the Health and Safety of our players Full Face protection for age 17 and under is mandatory


Our definition of a full face Mask:

A full Face mask is a mask that gives full face protection whether by mesh or hard plastic or a combination of both

A two piece protection can be worn at the managements discretion. The two pieces must provide the same level of protection as a one piece. The eye protection must be mesh or safety standard plastic goggles. Safety glasses are not acceptable

The lower protection must fully cover the lower part of the face from chin to the base of the goggles; significant gaps between the two parts of the mask are not acceptable. The protection must be of a hard substance e.g. plastic, mesh etc. It cannot be fabric or a similar substance e.g. Neoprene, scarves, balaclavas etc.

Bravo reserves the right to insist on a player wearing a bravo mask if it is felt that their own mask does not provide sufficient protection

We hope you enjoy your day with u

Feel free to email if you have any questions

We hope you enjoy your day with us

Mike & Steve


Bravo22 reserves the right to ask for deposits or decline bookings at their discretion