Bravo 22 Airsoft

Frequently Asked Q

 What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a team based skirmish sport played using realistic electric, gas and spring powered BB guns. The basic concept is similar to paintball, but the guns we use are replicas of real guns, also the ammunition used is much less likely to cause any injury, as long as eye or full face protection is worn. Airsoft ammunition is also much cheaper than paintballs. The BBs can be fired up to 40 meters and the automatic electric guns can fire up to 15 shots a second.

 What's the minimum age

Minimum age [with parental consent] is 14, there is no upper age limit

Do you play in the rain?

we play whatever the weather  the only time we have not played is when it was physically imposible to get to the site because of snow and ice

What will it cost me for day?

If you come with no equipment about £35-£40

£25 walk on fee 

£10 gun hire [inc 2000 bbs]

£5 for 2000 BBs

Do you do group discounts?

The short answer is no. we operate on tight margins and prefer to give everybody  reasonable prices  whether they come in a group or on their own.

What type of guns can I hire?

Basically AK 47s  with hi cap mags. Because club guns take rough handling  airsoft AKs are almost as rugged as the real thing. All our guns are excellent quality and perform well. We wont hire out a gun that we wont use ourselves.

 What sort of mask do I have to wear?

We recommend all players wear full face protection.  However if you are 17 or under full one piece face protection is compulsory. We have full face masks available at site.

How do you know when you hit somebody?

Honesty is the answer; since there is no paint the hits don't mark you. Marshals will call you out if they see a hit, but really each player has to be honest and immediately call out if they are hit. Players who are hit will either return to the safe zone, or other assigned point to either be regenerated back into the game or await the next one.

[See the rules section]

What do I wear?

Basically anything you like as long as you don’t mind it getting muddy. You need good trainers or boots as the ground can get muddy. Gloves and a cap or hood are useful and avoid bright colours.All players must wear long trousers because of the terrain and long sleeve tops, unfortunatly we dont hire overalls or webbing etc]


Can I bring my own gun?

Yes we dont mind if its black or two-tone . We will crono it to ensure its within the club limits [see rule section]

Can I use my own BBs?

Yes we dont mind if its in your own gun . We currently allow you to use your own BBS in club guns as long as they dont cause problems due to poor quality . We reserve the right to insist on club ammo for club guns.

 Why do you charge for UKARA?

Our hire guns are high quality  and cost us a lot of money both to purchase and maintain as hire guns do take a pounding and we don't charge players if they damage them.. We try  keep the cost of our hire guns as low as possible to encourage new players and so that people can work towards  getting UKARA or just being a regular player. All this costs money and the UKARA fees go towards this cost which enables to keep gun hire charges reasonable.