Bravo 22 Airsoft

Bravo is in the process of developing a new site

 We will post updates and photos etc. as things develop  

The story so far

 13th Jan

We have explored the site  and the area available , at present , to play in is greater than Formby. The Safe zone and the car Park are in reasonable shape but will require some work. Vehicles will be able to park alongside the safe zone. There are some structures and materials on site which we can adapt to meet our needs

20th Jan

We are currently extending the car park and increasing the size of the safe zone. The gaming areas are being planned and will require some work.

The site is not accessible unless Bravo or frontline staff are in attendance due to the police 'gating'  the area.

4th Feb

We  have started gating the site  and have constructed a new bridge from the safe zone to the playing area. We have also started to dismantle one of the structures to provide materials for the safe zone. Poor weather  and back injuries  are slowing progress.

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