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Who We Are

We are a bunch of enthusiastic Airsoft players who play at Shorrocks Hill in Formby .We are not out to change the world of Airsoft, nor do we make extravagant  claims, we are just out to have a good time and enjoy our hobby.  Our club is very informal and the members and players come from all walks of life and range in age from 14 to 60 plus. We have several current and ex-members of the armed forces amongst our players as well as WWII re-enactors, experienced Airsoft players and newcomers to the hobby. Players trying Airsoft for the first time will find the staff and regular players both helpful and approachable. We believe newcomers to the hobby is how the hobby will grow which is why we have of good quality guns for hire at low cost

We are a very friendly group who welcome anyone who wants to play and have fun. We try to keep rules to the minimum and we have no dress codes. Our players wear anything from full military combats and equipment to jeans and sweatshirts; we don’t care what you wear as long as you enjoy yourself.

Because of the ‘drop in’ style of the club we are never sure how many people will turn up for a game as you only have to ‘book in’ if you wish to hire equipment. But we adapt our games accordingly so regardless of how many people turn up we have a good time.

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Our  commitment is to keep prices affordable and have fun.

 Bravo 22 -does what it says on the tin


Bravo22  managers

Steve Lovelady  is the gun guru. If the word gun is in the conversation Steve is the man to talk to. While we dont generally sell guns Steve will always give you impartial advice. Steve designs and runs the games and is responsible for the marshals .

You can usually only get hold of Steve at a game as he works shifts and doesnt do mobiles or facebook [see how to contact us]

you can usually  pass messages via Mike

Mike Beazley does all the boring bits finance, health & safety , bookings, UKARA ,the website, comunication etc. If the word gun is in the conversation you probably know more about guns than he does. 

 Mike is the person you will talk to  if you contact Bravo

Mike hates facebook so he will not always see messages or posts so use the bravo contact details if you want to get in touch

Registered Company Address

13 Waterloo Road L22 IRE

company Registration 07331458

Incase you want to know the boring bits

We are UKARA registered We are a limited company ,we pay our taxes , we are insured , our Marshals are very experienced, our risk assessments are carried out by a Qualified Health and Safety Manager.We  are CRB'd and we work hard  to ensure your safety

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