Bravo 22 Airsoft

                       AIRSOFTING IN FORMBY

Bravo 22 Airsoft

[Frontline paintball & LazerTag site]

Shorrocks Hill

Lifeboat Road


L37 2EB



we are at frontline Paintball & Laser tag.

How to Find our formby site

Our Shorrocks Hill site is located in the grounds of Shorrocks Hill, just a short 5 minute walk from Formby trian station which allows for easy access from Liverpool, Southport, Kirkby, and Ormskirk via the Southport - Liverpool line.

If you're driving it's just as easy to find. We are within 5-10 minutes from the Formby By-Pass (A565). If you have satalite navigation, simply enter the following: Life Boat Road, Formby, Liverpool, L37 2EB.. please note the safezone is a fair walk from the car park so it is best you bring everything that you need from the car

                          About Bravo at Formby

Frontline  has acquired an excellent site at Shorrocks Hill and have worked hard to turn this into a first rate skirmish site. Because of its ridges, valleys , trees and undergrowth that has been enhanced with sandbagged defences.  Our games are open to both new and experienced players


Games at Formby 

start 9.30 am- finish around 4.00 pm 

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